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85% of humanity is already affected by climate change. 

Soon every single person on Earth will have a story. That’s where we come in.

Founded in 2023 by award-winning journalists Alessandra Ram and Samantha Oltman, Good Luck Media is the first global journalism studio for the biggest story on the planet: climate. Our mission is simple: tell stories you won’t be able to stop talking about. We find unbelievable true narratives and produce immersive podcasts and screen adaptations that will change your world.

GLM is an independent production company based in the Bay Area.

Alessandra Ram

Founder & CEO (she/her)

Alessandra Ram Good Luck Media Founder, Reporter & CEO


Sam Test

Samantha Oltman

Founder & COO (she/her)

Samantha Oltman Good Luck Media Founder, Reporter & COO

Let’s Work Together

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